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Yuzu cleanser is good to keep skin moist and improve elasticity

"Yuzu extract" keep moisture, promote antioxidant, delay aging. 

Extract obtained from yuzu fruit grown in Tokushima Prefecture. It is expected to have a moisturizing effect on the skin.


Pearl barley cleanser is good to reduce rough skin and leads to smooth skin

"Coix Seed" Pearl barley, removes excess oil and old keratin, reduce rough skin, and leads to smooth skin.

It is an extract obtained by fermenting pearl barley grown in Shimane Prefecture.    It is expected to condition the skin and improve rough skin.


Contains stork rice bran extract, fermented rice extract, cherry leaf extract *2 , seaweed extract *3 , fermented soy milk, collagen *4 , and adsorbed hyaluronic acid *5 . It protects the moisture of your skin.


Sea-mud cleanser is good for deeply clean and detoxifies

"Sea mud" is amazing for deep clean, reduce blackheads, minimize pores and control oil.

Marine salt from Okinawa, full of minerals and salts gently draw out toxins from skin cells while improve suppleness and growing.